4th Point to Healthy Ageing

Exercise I always say is the best buy in public health and as Hippocrates said thousands of years ago, “Walking is men’s best medicine”.  Whenever someone asks me what is the best anti-ageing tool I always say exercise. Our body is just like a machine that needs the right fuel and needs to be always moving, otherwise it will get ‘rusted’ just like any machine that is not used.

When we are young we are usually more active and play games, (though even this changing in the digital age) but once we start working and have a family we seem to get to busy, busy and more busy, hence there is no time for exercise and of course once we retire we are too old with all those medical issues and bone and joint problems to exercise.

I am really amazed that something so important and so easy to do and even free if you do not want to join a fitness center is neglected by so many. The most common excuse is no time. The best way to overcome that is to make exercise a part of your routine at work. Get a pedometer and start walking 10,000 steps a day. When I first started these five years ago, I realized I was doing only 4000 steps a day. I than started parking my car further, taking the stairs instead of the lift, taking the longer routes from my clinic to the wards until I was doing 10,000 steps a day. Did that for a month and then I did not need the pedometer any more. Once I got used to this, I than started climbing more number of steps a day to increase my endurance. I also added on a 15 min HIIT regime every morning on waking up using weights to increase my strength and work on my core muscles.

My next focus will be balance and flexibility. You start slow especially if you have never exercised before and if you are starting exercise for the first time after forty it is good to get a medical checkup first. Always start slow and slowly build up. Take your time to go to the next stage. Once the particular exercise you are doing seems to be too easy, then go to the next level. After five years I feel fitter and have better endurance now than before.

Remember you do not need to run a marathon or join a gym to start exercising. You can do it anywhere. The four exercises you need to incorporate are Cardio, Strengthening, Flexibility and Balance and Core exercises. Always good to start with cardio and once you are fitter than add in the rest. If you have the time and money than working with a personal trainer can be beneficial especially in the beginning. I will not discuss the benefits of exercise as you can read the other article here. All I can say is the Nike motto ‘Just do it’.

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