Is Tap water safe for consumption in Malaysia?

Water is the most important component in our body making up almost 60% to 70% of the fluids in the body. It not only removes toxins from the body but is also important for many other physiological functions in the body. So when we talk about wellness where we proactively do things every day to prevent disease than water is one important element in our quest for wellness.

So what about tap water in Malaysia. Is it safe for our consumption? Ever since I can remember in my house water was always boiled before consumption. We did not have any fancy filters than and even if there were we probably could not afford one. If we look at water and its importance to our overall health than we want to make sure that the water we drink should be free from not only any microorganisms but also free from any chemicals. The chlorine and fluoride added to our water though said to be safe for human consumption are still chemicals. Also the water treatment plants might be okay but the pipes that lead to our homes maybe old and have heavy metals. Also breaks in this pipes can lead to contamination not only from heavy metals but also microorganisms.

So my take on water is simple, if we are really into wellness and are proactively doing things to prevent disease than we should only consume water that we are very sure is free from any sort of contamination and should invest in a very good water treatment system. Maybe instead of upgrading your smart phone this year buy that treatment system. In the long run it will be much better for your health. We cannot control what we eat and drink outside but in our homes at least have the choice to drink clean water.

So is water safe to drink from our pipes? If we are into wellness than my answer is No.

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