Chronic Diseases and the Corona Virus

The verdict is out. If you have Metabolic Syndrome like Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic kidney disease , Heart disease and Strokes(which are all related to metabolic syndrome) than your risk of having more severe disease and death is higher. We see the same trend here in Malaysia. Smoking and Chronic obstructive airway disease are the other risk factors. Lastly if you are an older person and you have the above risk factors than you are really in trouble if you get exposed to the Corona virus.

To reverse Metabolic Syndrome and to improve our Immunity, is not something that can be done overnight. It will take time. I believe with this MCO, it is a good time to take stock of our lives and really ask ourselves, are we doing enough to look after our own health. Are we been proactive where our health is concerned? Do we have a problem with metabolic diseases? If we were by any chance exposed to the virus will our immune system be able to handle it. We must of course take the necessary precautions but the virus will be around for the next few months at least and once the MCO is lifted will you feel safe to go out like before.

The time is now, to really focus on your health. Some of my friends talk of faith, but no higher power will be able to help you if you do not help yourself. Your health is your personal responsibility. When you are sick, you are battling the disease and no one else. The doctors will do their best but as we can see if you already have poor health they will not be able to do much.

If you have metabolic disease focus on your nutrition, exercise and your stress and sleep. Patients with metabolic diseases, well controlled with medications have the same risk, so medication will not help but reversing metabolic syndrome will help. In the past, pandemics killed the poor and malnourished. Now it looks like the virus is going after the over nourished. If you smoke, please stop.

We have to look after our health, the health of our loved ones and our friends. We need to pass this message and we need to start right now. It is never too late.

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