The 106 Year Old Patient

It was a few months ago when this petite elderly Chinese lady walked into my clinic unassisted accompanied by her grandson. When I looked at the file and noticed that her age was 106, I was surprised as she looked around late seventies or early eighties. Her age must be correct as her eldest son was already in his eighties. She spoke Malay and when I asked her what was wrong with her she said, nothing’s wrong with me. Apparently she has never seen a doctor before and it was her grandson who brought her just for a ‘checkup’. When I examined her she had a normal blood pressure and all her system examination was normal. She seldom got sick and if she had a mild flu, which was very rare, she just used some home remedies. Still independent she did her own cooking and some housework and looked after her garden.

My advice to the grandson, take her home and continue doing what she has been doing. Avoid any unnecessary tests as sometimes we doctors might start looking for a disease and start treating and that can lead to problems.

As President of the Malaysian Wellness Society, usually after my talks I will have persons come up to me and say that they never fall sick and have never seen a doctor before. I used to be very skeptical, but over the years I met more and more persons who claimed the same. In his book – “The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick” author Gene Stone talks about such persons. He writes about what ‘what they know, why it works, and how it can work for you’. From Calorie reduction to cold shower sand plant based diet, positive attitude and friends he gives 25 secrets to why this people never get sick. If we look at the points they all come down to our lifestyle (and not medications).

With the current pandemic spreading in the world, the people with poor immunity seem to have the worst outcomes. So keeping a good immune system with all the other preventive measures might lead you to one day say “I Never Get Sick”.

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